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Jeff Witzman, A Success Story
Witzeman helped lift the mandate at Sprout’s and Trader Joe’s, and inspired moms across California to fight school mask mandates. Behind his fire is a story of courage and loss. […]
by Aria Morgan,
May 2, 2023

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Witzeman helped lift the mandate at Sprout’s and Trader Joe’s, and inspired moms across California to fight school mask mandates. Behind his fire is a story of courage and loss.

by Liora Freundlich, Free Now Foundation

Jeff Witzeman is a man standing spiritually and literally on the top of his own small mountain. The journey uphill was one of self-discovery, empowerment, and a relentless commitment to create a new story. If that sounds like no small feat, then better double knot your shoelaces, because it’s a process that Witzeman believes we all need to go though. 

“Every day I ask myself, what can I gently build today to get off the matrix grid and into God’s?” Says Witzeman. 

The official name of Witzeman’s small mountain is The Bitchen Farm, a five-acre property in Northern San Diego he purchased last year using an irrevocable business trust  as a “State Citizen”. If this all sounds a little heady…it is. It’s a process of first learning Natural law, and then how to use it. Witzeman is currently trying to acquiring a land patent for his farm, something that was replaced by the introduction of deeds a system that requires us to ask permission through permits to use our land as we choose. Obtaining a land patent will ensure more freedom for Witzeman to create community spaces on his farm including housing structures and a healing facility. His pragmatic commitment to sovereignty is extraordinary. 

Witzeman is not a lawyer. However, his command of the law is impressive. He has dedicated the last three years to navigating the heavy handed, illegal measures of the Covid era and courageously leading his community to reclaim their rights and freedoms.

In 2021, after being repeatedly thrown out of his local market for refusing to wear a mask while shopping, first Witzeman got mad, then he got educated.

“I couldn’t believe the audacity of being told what I could or couldn’t do while purchasing food, and that my inalienable rights from god were being violated based on no science at all, just some politician saying ok, this is what we’re going to do now.”

He discovered within 21 US Code 360BB-3, the federal law on Emergency Use Devices, that every person has informed consent and the option to refuse. So, he used it, over and over again. Witzeman started filming himself to document and expose the stores he shopped at, namely Sprouts and Trader Joe’s that were enforcing the unlawful mandates. The videos went viral and Witzeman found himself immediately propelled into a secondary career of using the law to push government officials back into their rightful place of serving the people rather than enslaving them.

“The police would come, and I would explain their job to uphold the Constitution. They wrote a trespassing ticket, the charges of which of course were dropped because the mandating of a mask was illegal. So I just repeated it, calling their bluff but there was a ripple effect, it caught fire all over the country.”

As a result, many stores decided to drop their mask mandates to enter. He continued to use this formula, even taking to task local schools in  the San Diego Unified School District who weren’t allowing children to attend without masks. 

Witzeman was successfully using the law as a tool to stand steadfast on our inalienable rights, and he did it with loving kindness. He is indeed a fighter, albeit a peaceful one. This perseverance is a skill Witzeman has worked hard for. His lifelong commitment to overcome his own fears and of stripping the power held over him by his own aggressor as a child who was abused.

“There is something in me that says, there is always an answer and I just have to wait for it.A lot of people don’t have the patience to wait, but I do, you see, because my history is that of being abused as a child and saying, I’m never going to allow that to happen again. “

I’ve got this fire burning inside of me already that says, I’m never going to let anyone take me down like I was before. The answer for me was to get into love, into a space where I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.” 

This personal transformation, out of fear and into love is a hard lesson Witzeman learned through the process of losing his wife to cancer. The grief compelled Witzeman to stare trauma straight in the face; forgive himself, take responsibility, and finally to transmute trauma into something beautiful.

In 2016 when Witzeman’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, she was told by her doctor; 

“We’re going to have to remove your bladder, cut your vagina in half, give you chemo and radiation, and maybe you’ll have a fifty per cent chance of survival.” For me that was the wake-up call of a lot of things. I thought, Oh my God, they are not here to heal people, they are here to make money.” 

Witzeman and his wife decided to go to Germany to try a different approach. Using a combination of nutrition, IV nutrients, and ozone therapy her cancer was gone within 30 days. With the career experience of a thirty years in Hollywood as a singer, songwriter, voice over professional and actor Witzeman knew that this was his call to get on the other side the camera.

In 2018 he made the award-winning film Cancer can be Cured,” documenting his wife’s healing journey and exploring natural ways of killing Cancer. Witzeman says it was so popular it became one of Amazon Prime Video’s highest rated films until it was removed.

“It was going to cut into the cancer business in half and they can’t have that.” 

He has made five documentaries in as many years about health and healing with the intention of letting his audience see the facts for themselves; that there are ways to heal but he has come to the personal realization that both allopathic and natural health paradigms ignore the main cause of disease and this is what his latest film, Beliefs and Stories is about. It questions what are the emotional and spiritual issues that foster disease?

“Unless a person deals with the emotional issues underlying the cancer. It will continue to thrive and take over. What we’ve really got is cellular inflammation as a result of emotional issues”.

After trying everything possible externally to help his wife overcome her cancer — and harboring the guilt of the burden of losing her, despite all of their knowledge and effort toward heath — Witzeman has finally realized that the real work is internal and that’s what the Bitchen Farm is about. 

“What’s funny to me is that I make films about healing… I did not think of myself as either a legal expert or as somebody that is able to stand up for their rights and then suddenly I found myself on the forefront of the, “standing up for your rights thing”. I’m not an attorney.

I’m not even giving legal advice. I’m just telling you that when they come at us with “you have to limit your oxygen, you have to take this injectable that has toxins in it, you have to put this thing up your nose, that by the way doesn’t even detect a virus,” we have to stand up at that point.

That’s a part of our healing journey.  You can’t heal without standing up for yourself.”

Witzeman’s intuitive dive into regenerative agriculture has been a part of his own healing process. The farm is his contribution to nourish and heal the planet. Plans are underway to install an energy enhancement system, which uses “scalar waves” to create an energy field that can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain and detoxify the body. Plans are already underway to install the equipment for this system so that the space can be opened up for healing, maybe even by this summer.

“Nutrition and detox are the keys to health. It’s simple, western medicine, is has introduced a system of petrochemicals where you treat a system and then there is a side effect. The body wants to heal.”

Instead of waiting for change and fighting our existing, corrupt healthcare, education, judicial and financial systems, Witzeman is inspiring us to join him in creating new ones. He embodies the ethos of learn and grow as you go and he is lovingly encouraging us to become more resilient every day, so that we can depend less on the old broken paradigm. By educating ourselves on the law we can untangle ourselves from the systems that seek to enslave us and undo the contracts we have unknowingly entered.

“Government doesn’t take care of us. We create heaven on earth with other people, and it means we might have to let go of this society where someone else takes care of us. The sooner we let go of that, the sooner we get to creating.”

“How do we move from a place from being controlled and manipulated to a place of freedom, love and power?

“It’s what I’m about and what the whole planet is about. The journey that I’m on is an everyman journey and I find myself as an everyman”. 

The first half of this story was previously published. This is the complete version.

Aria Morgan
About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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