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Infant Mortality Increases for the First Time in 20 Years
What is happening to America's newborns and mothers? Did the Covid-19 vaccine cause more harm than good? Naomi Wolf lays it out.
by Terri Harrah,
November 9, 2023
Newborn Baby Feet On White Blanket

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For the first time in 20 years, the US infant mortality rate has risen. It increased by 3% in 2022. Additionally, “The death rate for women who give birth has also been rising..”  Even mainstream media cannot ignore such a significant uptick in American infant mortality.

The Wall Street Journal featured the disturbing story just recently, but we have been raising alarm bells at the Free Now Foundation for many months. Earlier this year, Dr. Naomi Wolf spoke at our event about the harmful effects of the Covid 19 vaccine on the placenta, amniotic sac, and the overall health of growing fetuses. It’s a story we’ll stay on. For those of you who missed our Spring fundraiser in Northern California, you can watch highlights from Naomi Wolf’s speech in this 2-minute video:


Terri Harrah
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About the Author, Terri Harrah

Passionate medical freedom activist and former writer of CHD/CA. Terri co-hosts a monthly brainstorm for the National Health Federation. Beyond activism, Terri brings a diverse professional creative background in the film, interior design, real estate industries and is currently the Executive Assistant here at FNF. Terri is also the mother of two amazing sons.


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