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200 Billion Pieces of DNA Contamination per Shot!
An astronomical amount of contaminating DNA was found in each vial of Pfizer's Covid injection with the potential to cause grave harm.
by Katherine Strange,
November 2, 2023
Virus Vaccine Research

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On September 12, cancer genomics expert Dr. Phillip Buckhaults stunned the South Carolina Senate with his testimony,  which reveled that Pfizer’s COVID-19 injections contained previously undisclosed DNA contamination in the form of an estimated 200 billion pieces of plasmid DNA per shot! Packaged in lipid nanoparticles (a drug delivery system), the DNA contaminants are delivered into the recipient’s cells with each dose!


Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, a professor at the University of South Carolina with a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry, is a unique expert in gene mutation. Buckhaults and his team specialize in cancer genomics research, specifically gene mutation detection, the presence of novel cancer genes and the development of novel cancer therapeutic modalities. Buckhaults is “surprised” that there is any DNA in these vaccines and is “alarmed at the possible consequences of this, both in terms of human health and biology.”


“You should be alarmed at the regulatory process that allowed [the DNA contaminants] to get [into the shots].” 


Buckhaults sequenced the DNA in his own lab and explains that DNA, unlike RNA, is permanent and becomes integrated into the genomic DNA of our cells. It can cause a sustained autoimmune attack towards the tissue, including cardiac arrest and “creates a very real theoretical risk of future cancer in some people.”


Buckhaults explains, “DNA is long-lived. What you were born with, you’re going to die with and pass it on to your kids. DNA lasts for hundreds of thousands of years…So, alterations to the DNA…they stick around.” He identified that there are a lot of pieces of DNA in Pfizer’s injections. The team found that most of the DNA pieces are  “tiny in size,” but that the size is irrelevant because the probability of a piece of DNA integrating into the human genome is unrelated to size.


“Your genome risk is a function of how many particles there are. All these little pieces of DNA that are in the vaccine give many, many thousands of opportunities to modify a cell of a vaccinated person,” Buckhaults said.


The DNA came from a Calif. life sciences company. What was the smoking gun? 


Buckchaults first discovered, and then sequenced the DNA in his lab. A colleague supervising the injection program in Columbia, South Carolina had secured Pfizer vials and shared them with Bukchaults, who sequenced the remnants of the vaccine in each vial. Buckhaults began with two batches, and gathered all the little pieces of DNA from the remnants. He “glued over 100,000 pieces of DNA together” to establish and identify the exact source. The most shocking part of all? The DNA came from plasmid that can be purchased online from Aglilent, a California life sciences company.


“Clear as day what happened just from the forensics of looking at the DNA sequencing.”


Buckhaults said, “It’s clear that Pfizer took this plasmid, and then they cloned spike into it. But they failed to get the DNA out before they did this…they did make some effort to chop it up, so all these little pieces of the plasmid got packaged in with the RNA.”


A Bait and Switch with “catastrophic results.”


Process 1 (clinical trials for EUA authorization).
Process 2 (commercial use to inject into people).

The modified mRNA injection was produced using two distinctly different processes. Process 1 involved small batches for the clinical trials and emergency use authorization (EUA). Buckhaults explained that the process for EUA didn’t contain any contaminated DNA. The problem with DNA contamination occurred when Pfizer scaled up production for the injection of billions of doses to the public after the clinical trials and EUA.


So, they used a small batch process for the clinical trials and EUA and then did a bait-and-switch process for the mass scaling production of billions of doses that contained 200 million pieces of contaminated DNA in each dose of the Pfizer injection.


The result is catastrophic, given the alteration of one’s DNA is permanent and has the absolute and grave potential to cause severe autoimmune disorders, turbo cancer, cardiac arrest, and bacterial endotoxin, which can cause anaphylaxis.


Vaccinated? Concerned? What can you do?


You MAY be able to sue the manufacturers for not disclosing the full contents of the shots. We suspect that the makers of these shots will do all they can do evade lawsuits. Legal counsel to Free Now Foundation, Rita Barnett-Rose, stated:


“The PREP Act, which provides liability protection to a broad range of so-called “covered persons,” including the shot manufacturers themselves, has made it very difficult to sue those responsible for the harms caused by these Covid-19 shots. This is because PREP only allows a potential plaintiff to pierce the liability shield if they can prove “willful misconduct”– and most lawsuits haven’t had much luck doing this so far.  However, there are a few lawsuits still making their way through the courts trying to pierce this shield on the basis of fraud or false advertising. The DNA contamination, or known adulteration of the products, might present another viable way to break this shameful wall of protection. Perhaps the tide is finally turning against the guilty.”   


Part I of II. Part II of this article explores more.


Katherine Strange

About the Author, Katherine Strange

Katherine Strange, MBA, is a writer, entrepreneur, and citizen journalist with over 25 years of experience in the wine and spirits trade. She is passionate about research and analysis, and enjoys writing about complex topics and issues. Katherine is also an avid fitness enthusiast, dog lover, and beach-goer, and she spends her free time traveling and gardening with her husband and son. You may also find her at – Strange On The Frontlines


  1. Bobbi

    Nice to know, however, I was told it was gene therapy a while back, instead what it really is! Gene modification that leaves one compromised and no longer to produce you G-d given immunities. Such a bait and switch dupe! Hope
    They all get sued!

  2. Matthew Becker

    Thank you, Katherine. Your incisive analysis can be useful for so many of us. How well you’ve identified the criminals and the crime, at the molecular level.


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