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Free Now Foundation and Peggy Hall are suing the Orange County Board of Supervisors for maintaining an illegal, extended state of emergency. We have also just published an article with a Call to Action where you can express YOUR feelings about this situation. Link to our article, just below. Thank you!
by Aria Morgan,
April 26, 2024
Peggy Hall

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Friends, yesterday I aired an exclusive interview with my attorney, Nicole Pearson. We discussed our ongoing lawsuit against the Orange County Board of Supervisors, who have blatantly violated the law with their (did someone say fraudulent?) local health emergency for cooties covid.

Our goal is to obtain a favorable declaratory judgment. We’re not asking for the moon here, folks (in fact, we’re not even suing for money at this point). Just that the county sticks to the emergency laws when, well, there’s an emergency. Shocking, I know! And the county has violated the law over and over again…

The County’s Slimy Tactics

In a brazen display of obstructionism, the County has pulled every trick in the book to keep my lawsuit from seeing the light of day. They’ve even gone as far as yanking the only judge with a spine who dared to rule in our favor and hold them accountable. Talk about desperate measures!

And guess who’s footing the bill for their shenanigans? That’s right, us—taxpayers!

Yes, the County has filed untimely and inadmissible documents, they’ve shamelessly manipulated the legal system to their advantage, all while perjuring themselves in a September 22, 2022 hearing. Despite Judge Lee’s order to conduct public meetings as required by law, they deceitfully claimed to have been holding meetings since June 2021 – behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny.

Their audacious lies forced Judge Lee to modify his ruling, shifting the burden onto them to prove the existence of these clandestine gatherings. Yet, to this day, they’ve failed to provide an ounce of evidence, exposing the depths of their deception and contempt for justice.

California is practically a breeding ground for corruption, crawling with slimy public serpents. Remember when we attempted to depose the Board of Supervisors and the Health Officer, Clayton Chau? Not a single supervisor had the guts to show up for their depositions. And as for Chau? He chose to throw in the towel and RESIGN rather than be deposed.

Orange County Health Officer RESIGNS

Orange County Health Officer RESIGNS

APRIL 5, 2023

So while it’s been painful to have this lawsuit drag on and on and on…. AND ON… the silver lining is that all this corruption is bubbling to the surface and finally getting exposed.

Exhibit A: OC Supervisor Funnels Millions to Daughter’s “Non-Profit”


Exhibit C: OC Supervisor Andrew Do Accused of Residency Fraud Again as He Runs for Re-Election

Exhibit D: Top Official Resigns From OC’s Health Plan for the Poor Following Revelations of State Probe

Exhibit E: Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do Faces $12,000 State Fine Over ‘Pay to Play’ Politics

Exhibit F: OC Supervisor Testified Without Disclosing His Wife Is The Assistant Presiding Judge. It Led To A Mistrial

Exhibit G: OC Supervisors Decide Against Disclosing Family Contracts

^note: that decision was AFTER Andrew Do was exposed for routing millions of dollars to his daughter’s group.

And this barely scratches the surface of what’s been publicly exposed. After all, apparently this Board has been violating the Brown Act by conducting public business in private.

I can bet my last dollar (going to this lawsuit) that we’ve potentially got a whopper of a criminal case on our hands. If you happen to know any brave attorneys ready to sink their teeth into helping Nicole and our legal team take on this corruption, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us:

While it may seem impossible, I am holding onto a vision of accountability. Even though it’s clear that these public serpents are so corrupt, I will not give up or be silenced. Join us in demanding accountability for their egregious, unlawful actions.

Here are five important action steps to take:

1. Share this substack so others can read about how I am exposing these evil-doers. Share

2. Donate to my legal fund (as the serpents are trying to drain my pocketbook and thereby force me into giving up, which I won’t!)

3. If you are in Southern California, attend the OC Supervisor meetings and tell Do to his face that you demand his resignation. You can also send emails.

4. Consider filing a public records request asking for records on how much the County of Orange has spent litigating this lawsuit. Here’s an example that can be modified:

Dear Auditor-Controller,

I am writing to request access to public records regarding the total litigation and legal expenses incurred thus far by Orange County in the following lawsuit:

  • Case Name: Hall vs. County of Orange
  • Case Number: 30-2021-01220678
  • Court: Superior Court of California, County of Orange
  • Parties Involved: Peggy Hall, Petitioner vs. County of Orange; Orange County Board of Supervisors, Defendants.

I am specifically requesting records on the expenses related to all legal fees, court costs, and any other relevant expenditures incurred by the county in its defense against this lawsuit.

Please provide the following information for each fiscal year involved in the litigation, covering the period from June 2021 to present:

  1. Total litigation expenses incurred by the county in opposing the lawsuit.
  2. Breakdown of expenses by category (e.g., legal fees, court costs, depositions).
  3. Any contracts, invoices, receipts, or other documentation related to the payment of litigation expenses.

If the requested information is available in electronic format, I prefer to receive it via email. However, if it is only available in hard copy or another format, please let me know how I can access it. If there are any fees associated with processing this request, please inform me in advance. I am willing to pay reasonable fees for copying and processing, but I would appreciate a cost estimate before proceeding.

I understand that public records laws require a prompt response to this request.

Please acknowledge receipt of this request in writing to [email] and provide an estimated timeline for fulfilling this request.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you require any further information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email].


[your name]

5. Join me in contacting the U.S. Department of Justice and demand that they investigate the Covid funds fraud of Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do. I chose “FBI” as the subject for my complaint, and this is what I wrote:

“This is a request to investigate the fraudulent activities regarding the spending of Covid funds by Orange County, CA Supervisor Andrew Do. He has been funneling millions of dollars to his own daughter’s “non-profit” before it received non-profit status, and done in secrecy, without public knowledge or approval. This fraud and corruption is being exposed in several media outlets including LAist:

Aria Morgan

About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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