Government Over-Reach is NOT Over.

Free Now Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder, Alix Mayer, with the latest on our fight against the medical police state in California.

We must keep the pressure on to fight the medical police state in California, and to demand justice for  K-12 students and college students.

They need US to fight for them.

We need your help to get through this next month so we can continue our strategically-crafted lawsuits against:

• California Boards of Supervisors for failing to assess local states of emergency
• a K-12 school for inventing their own masking science
•  and Santa Clara University for mandating COVID shots onto students with no exemptions (that is, until we filed our case.)


If you’ve already contributed, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We know that people sometimes think others are going to jump in and help, “and I don’t have to,” but it’s YOU who makes us a success. And we sometimes think that our paltry $10 isn’t going to make a difference, but we promise you, it does. If you care about the medical police state encroaching on our schools, our businesses, on our favorite restaurants, even our days at the beach, please consider joining our Legal Warriors Club for only $30 per month. You can ask our lawyers questions and get case updates on our quarterly video calls. If you can donate $5K or $10K+, our generous sponsors, Watch Gang and Tesla Coin Shop have special gifts for you, while supplies last.

Watch and Coin Donor Gifts

Our stretch goal is to raise $1 million by this Spring so we can fully fund these lawsuits that keep the government out of the parent-child relationship and out of the doctor-patient relationship. With adequate funding, we have more suits to consider adding, such as defending other COVID-shot injured students and defending medical doctors who being harassed by the state.

We are proud that Free Now Foundation is better than ever. We are truly the little team that could, and that includes YOU! If you haven’t seen our website lately, check it out and see all that we are doing on your behalf!

Thank you for your support, every dollar counts. We are in this together.

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Alix Mayer
Chairman and Co-Founder
Free Now Foundation