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Join the Legal Warriors Club for $30 per month and get access to Legal Warriors Clubhouse where you can be a part of the collective fighting for your parental rights.

*Free Now Foundation is not affiliated with RFK Jr or Children’s Health Defense.

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The clubhouse, among other things, is a private hub of legal and legislative information as produced by the Legal Warriors/Free Now Foundation team and its members. The content flowing through the clubhouse will be stored, searchable, tagged, and available to members where they can post, collaborate, and comment. The powerful notification tools will keep you posted on the latest news coming out of the legal team and Legal Warriors Club members.

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Your donation will go towards our lawsuits, legislation efforts, and legal operational support against overreaching government officials, including local school boards. We have already filed lawsuits against Santa Clara University, LA Unified, Piedmont Unified, Gavin Newsom, and more! We have fought CA Legislators in Sacramento to stop bad bills like SB866.

Be a part of a collective that is continually fighting for parental rights in California. You will receive exclusive access to the Legal Warriors Clubhouse where you can access a wide range of legal and legislative content being produced by Legal Warriors Club members and staff.

Exclusive quarterly video calls, where you can ask the Free Now Foundation legal team questions covering the FNF lawsuits and a variety of other legal issues.

Early bird notifications of upcoming events, including private events with our founder and other thought leaders.

Early bird notifications on upcoming events, including private events with our founder and other thought leaders.

We accept donations through our fiscal sponsor, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

You may cancel your membership at any time.

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Exclusive Quarterly Webinars

Including with the California legal team covering a wide assortment of current lawsuits and issues.



Please enroll me in the Legal Warriors Club Program. I understand that by joining the Legal Warriors Club Program I will be charged a tax-deductible** donation at a rate of $30 per month.

Thank you for joining the club!

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