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Welcome to Free Now Foundation’s Legislation Page!

Our focus is on legislation that affects the well-being of all Californians — especially children.

Get informed about the most important bills at the California State Legislature, right here! We break down legislation into simple terms. Understand how each proposed bill may impact you and your family. We offer simple, easy-to-follow “Call to Action” steps that help you take action, immediately.

Free Now Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that our officials honor informed consent, medical freedom and our educational rights. We stand for a safe and toxic-free environment for all.

Voicing our opinion directly to our legislators is critical. When we speak up en masse, our elected officials are bound to honor our wishes. Below are CA Legislation items currently being considered in Sacramento:

Receive your legislation action kit and real-time updates.

Know your bills and voice your opinion. Important updates on California legislation currently being considered in Sacramento.

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We Are Winning

We Are Winning

This article is a republish of our counsel's Substack in response to the veto of AB 957. The original can be read at FACTS LAW TRUTH JUSTICE Gavin's veto is an absolute WIN....

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