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Assembly Bill AB 957: Family Law: Gender Identity (Wilson, Wiener)
by Aria Morgan,
May 3, 2023 |

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Existing law requires the court, upon the filing of a petition commencing a proceeding for a change of name to conform the petitioner’s name to the petitioner’s gender identity.

This bill would amend current law to require the court to strongly consider that affirming the minor’s gender identity is in the best interest of the child if a nonconsenting parent objects to a name change to conform to the minor’s gender identity.

The rights of parents to make health decisions and other very important decisions for their children will be severely compromised should this bill pass with its current language. Judges should not have more authority than parents to make those decisions except in extreme cases of abuse where such facts are actually proven. Nor should the ideologies of certain legislators interfere with a judicial officers’ independent, fact-based assessment of what is in the “best interests of a child” in a particular family law matter.

AB 957 passed in the Assembly and was ordered to the Senate at the end of March 2023.  On May 3, 2023 AB 957 was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Aria Morgan

About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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