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  1. Civil Liberties and Health Rights Resources
Civil Liberties and Health Rights Resources

Free Now Foundation is not a law firm and cannot offer individual legal advice. However, we recognize that resisting tyranny requires each of us to become better informed about the law, our legal rights, and how to use the law to respond to the illegal policies that are quickly spreading among our schools and places of employment. Below are some resources to help educate both ourselves and those imposing these policies upon us.

Medical Freedom Advocacy

School Superintendent Meeting Prepare to discuss vaccination clinics, health passes, and the EUA status of the vaccine with your Superintendent. Start with this outline template. Best Practices When Meeting with Your Legislator Nine tips for contacting / meeting with...

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Employer Mandates

Objection to Employer COVID-19 Policies Use this letter to object to the coercive policies at your job, including requirements for vaccination, testing, and masking. This letter also formally serves notice to your employer that side effects from these interventions...

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School Mandates

College Parent Letter re Mandate Parents and students facing college COVID-19 injection mandates can personalize and use this science-based letter to urge the college to change its coercive policies and to let students get back to normal. No College Mandates Letter On...

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Mandate Exemption Requests

Religious Exemption Template for Students Customize this template to reflect your sincerely held beliefs, then submit this to your school to request an exemption from a mandated vaccine or other health protocol. Religious Exemption Template for Employees Customize...

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Hospital Resources

Welcome to Free Now Foundation’s Hospital Resources page. Did you know that if you are hospitalized, and in the absence of written instructions, notarized and directed by YOU, a hospital may enact and enforce whatever treatments deemed necessary? These “necessary”...

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