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Hospital Resources
by Free Now Foundation

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Welcome to Free Now Foundation’s Hospital Resources page.

Did you know that if you are hospitalized, and in the absence of written instructions, notarized and directed by YOU, a hospital may enact and enforce whatever treatments deemed necessary?

These “necessary” treatments may include, but are not limited to: getting you “up to date” on your vaccinations, medications and treatments such as Remdesivir — which may do more harm than good. This also applies to the food you are fed. Most hospital meals are prepared with seed oils and artificial ingredients, all of which heighten the inflammatory response and diminish our body’s ability to heal.

Take Charge of your experience BEFORE you go to the hospital.

Protocol Kills offers a short, 4 minute tutorial video and highly recommends that you listen to this video prior to filling out the Caregivers and Consent Document.  Protocol Kills also offers a FAQ page at this link.

In order for this protocol to work effectively, you must PLAN, PREP, and have a TRUSTED SOURCE (family or friend) who is able to courier these documents to the hospital CEO upon your admission to that hospital.

While we recognize that this may seem like A LOT, we encourage you to take this one step at a time:

  1. Watch the 4 minute information video.
  2. Download the Caregivers and Consent Document.
  3. Fill out the Caregivers and Consent document according to the video instructions by initializing all the areas where you agree with the document, leaving areas blank that you do not agree with, and add in any personalized additional information important to you.
  4. Sign these documents in front of a legal notary only.
  5. Make 10 copies of this original document and instructions.
  6. Always keep the original in a safe place at home.
  7. It’s a good idea to have 3 emergency contacts. Make sure to discuss what these documents are and what they are for. They will need to keep these documents in a safe place, along with the instructions, should you ever need to visit the hospital. Specific instructions are included with the documents. Your emergency contact will need to follow these instructions, and send these documents via certified, courier mail to the CEO of the hospital.
  8. Your emergency contact must use a United States Postal Service Priority Mailer and Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested. Your contact should Address the Priority Mailer to the CEO at the hospital’s physical address.
  9. Once admitted in hospital, give a copy of the document you carry with you to the attending physician. Additional copies may be given to the nurse or other attending doctors.
  10. Gain access to your online medical records as soon as possible. Check to make sure that your current care documents have been placed in the records for your medical staff to see.
  11. Review your medications and treatments and make sure that your medical team is honoring your wishes.

Protocol Kills also offers a Free National Patient Advocacy page at this link. You may also call a Free Patient Advocate at the Hospital Hostage Hotline at 888-219-3637.

Want more info?

The Free Now Foundation Team published a “How To” article when we were previously operating under a different California non-profit. We have just republished the article at this link.

We also highly recommend this Children’s Health Defense video wherein their ambassador Terri Botari, speaks with Laura Bartlett, Greta Crawford and Polly Tommey.

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Free Now Foundation is not a law firm and cannot offer individual legal advice. However, we recognize that resisting tyranny requires each of us to become better informed about the law, our legal rights, and how to use the law to respond to the illegal policies that are quickly spreading among our schools and places of employment.

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