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Never Again Is Now Global: A Shocking New Documentary
“It’s a race between enslavement and expansion of global human consciousness because there are many, many, many more of us than the sociopaths…. I am advocating for civil disobedience. Non-violent […]
by Aria Morgan,
April 21, 2023

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“It’s a race between enslavement and expansion of global human consciousness because there are many, many, many more of us than the sociopaths…. I am advocating for civil disobedience. Non-violent civil civilians. An absolute rejection of all mandates. No face diapers, don’t live in fear, (and) don’t isolate yourself. Don’t take the poison death shot; resist and take your kids out of harm’s way by taking them out of the public school systems. Coalesce with like-minded parents, create parochial or home-schooling environments where they could be taught deductive reasoning, analytical thought, and have a proper foundation.”

-Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, Never Again Is Now Global-Part 5

By Katherine Strange, Free Now Foundation

Never Again Is Now Global may be one of the essential docuseries in the last few decades.  

In the last three years, several documentary films have been highlighted that critically destroy the adoption and oppressive enforcement of abrasive, unrelenting global Covid-19 policies. However, first-time director, Holocaust survivor, and human rights activist (and founder of Alliance For Human Research Protection) Vera Sharav’s five-part docu-series is undoubtedly the only film to intentionally draw specific parallels between Nazi Germany 1930’s era — when the government took control of medicine, and the coercive global policies since March 2020. The common thread is to adopt discriminatory health measures dictated under the guise of safety and public health.

The series’ narrative structure focuses on interviewee testimonies of fellow survivors, descendants, and their personal connections to the Holocaust. The filmmakers utilize a framework where the interviewees tell their stories as having been there or heard harrowing stories from grandparents. Their stories are exquisitely interspersed with thoughtful and sobering commentary from experts like the early Covid treatment developer Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, to whom the docu-series is dedicated (Dr. Zelenko died in June 2022). Former Pfizer vice president turned whistleblower Dr. Michael Yeadon and historian and investigative journalist Edwin Black (with extensive knowledge of the financial underpinnings of Nazi Germany) reveal a web of evil that is spine-chilling. 


Raising the alarm

The 32 participants in the series raise the alarm with an urgent message; today’s blatantly false narrative, cessation of freedoms, medical diktats, and human rights violations are right out of the Nazi playbook. Only this time, the oppressive measures are not limited to the Jews. The current false narrative targets the entire global population.

The fear and propaganda began in earnest in California on March 19, 2020, when Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all 40 million residents to “shelter in place “until further notice. This was based on 675 confirmed cases, 16 deaths, and ‘models’ predicting over 25.5 million people could become infected within eight weeks. This extreme overreaction resulted in locking people in their homes, shutting down ‘non-essential’ businesses, schools, restaurants, parks, trails, and beaches, and cruelly isolating the elderly in care facilities, unable to see their loved ones.

The economic toll on the world’s 5th largest economy was devasting. California’s unemployment rate went from 5.5% in March to 15.5% in April. And, the stay-at-home ‘rules’ kept changing with each passing week. It was an egregious and willful overreach of our fundamental human rights and freedoms.  

Each episode begins with a title highlighting a quote from an interviewee. These potent quotes wisely guide the viewer to the key messages in each episode, explaining the apparent parallels between Nazi Germany in the 1930s and today, detailing the fear and propaganda by governments and corporations in cahoots, revealing the perpetual thread of powerful families behind eugenics and genocidal agendas both historically and today. And finally, examining the potential loss of freedom threatening humanity thoroughly ultimately calls viewers to engage in massive, peaceful resistance.  


Part 1: “Here We Go Again on Steroids” 

Sharav opened with a detailed account of her family being deported from Romania and herded to a concentration camp in Ukraine, where her father perished before she was five years old. It wasn’t a death camp. It was a camp where they were left to starve. The fear of being put on a list to be sent to a death camp was always hovering in the air.  

Sharav dives deep into the taboo subject of the early repressive stages under the Nazi regime, culminating in The Final Solution-Holocaust. The Nazi interventions included suspension of freedoms, forced lockdowns, coerced medical procedures, and identity passports-uncannily like present-day dictatorial constraints on ordinary citizens worldwide.

Survivors boldly expose the financial interests and the corporations that fueled the Holocaust. Modern-day companies, including (but not limited to) Ford Motor Company, General Motors, IBM, The Rockefeller Foundation, and IG Farben, secretly financed, built, created, and profiteered from the concentration camps and genocide.


Part 2: “Anyone That Wants to Start a War Has to Lie”

“Those responsible for the pandemic have used two weapons the Nazis used: fear and propaganda. Propaganda feeds fear, foments it, and hardens it. At the time, fear was against the Jews, who were accused of being spreaders of infectious diseases. I realized that panic was being fomented so that the people would lose confidence to discern things…so the best way is to listen to the “experts”-the public health officials.

The thing that I realized and was horrified by was that the government had totally taken over medicine under the Nazis.” -Vera Sharav.

Sharav speaks of obedience as the road to slavery, suffering, and even death. The vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated, where governments dictate division. The obedient (vaccinated) are rewarded, and the disobedient (unvaccinated) are punished for even questioning the Big Lie. The Big Lie took on many different aspects, such as the falsehoods of “safe and effective,” how the pandemic was defined by the number of cases rather than deaths, the integrity of the utterly inappropriate PCR test, etc.

The Biden Administration gave the media a billion dollars to run only positive stories about Covid and the so-called ‘vaccines.’  The Big Lie was repeated, repeated, and repeated until it became the only truth one ever heard. Really? In a democratic society, everyone doesn’t agree-they argue. But the minute you speak up and argue or question the Big Lie, one is painted as a ‘conspiracy theorist.”

The systematic censorship of information such as early treatments or efficacy of drugs and vaccines, or the disease’s deadliness is verboten.  

A great example of California’s bid at censoring doctors was the attempted implementation of Assembly Bill 2098, initially signed into law on September 30, 2022, by Gov. Gavin Newsom. It was a doctor’s censorship law that would prevent them from providing any information for the treatment of Covid-19 and other unnamed diseases. A California judge blocked the bill in late January. This was a historic win for doctors against medical information censorship.

The last three years were an obedience test. Will the people comply with government-mandated lockdowns, school, store, and restaurant closures, masks, and the holy grail, the “vaccines?”


Part 3: “Breaking the Veil of The Real Conspirators”

The present-day pretense of ‘do gooders’ are the benevolent, charitable organizations, NGOs, government officials (i.e., Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, EcoHealth Alliance), and the so-called “experts.”  

Zelenko identifies the real conspirators as those with the muscle, power, influence, and stakeholders of society (i.e., politicians, media, academic institutions, private industry, and corporations). Suppose you break the corporate veil of the top wealthiest monopolies. In that case, one will find the continuous thread of powerful families behind the genocidal agendas present-day and during the Nazi regime of the 1930s.


Part 4: “This Time Around, We Are All Jews”

Zelenko says, “I have a phrase. This time around, we are all Jews.”

This episode examines the actual potential loss of freedoms threatening humanity. We have allowed our government to normalize our compliance with their diktats by doing whatever they tell us to do. When we lose control of our government, we lose our say as a society. They’re marching forward and pushing the single monetary digital economy (to replace cash) and digital identification. These are two extreme methods to force everyone into dictatorship and personal slavery.

California has been developing a digital ID for some time now, and the DMV received permission to start testing mobile driver’s licenses and ID cards with a limited number of people in 2021.  This initiative was announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom in January where he said the state is ready to roll out a digital ID “solution in a matter of months.” The beginning of the slippery slope towards government control.

Why? Because once the government has control of the money and a digital system in place, they control every aspect of our lives. You cannot buy food, withdraw money, travel, or move around freely. Vera emphasizes, “If we go with these two things (single digital economy and digital ID), then it’s (all) lost.”


Part 5: “Never Give In – Never Give Up”

This is the ‘call to action.’  It’s now or never. We must engage in massive, peaceful resistance.

Why didn’t the Jews fight back? They outnumbered the German soldiers by a multiple of 10x to 100x. They were demoralized and had lost faith in themselves and their humanity. So, we must remember and remind people today of their sovereignty and priceless value- they matter.  

What’s relevant is the ability of the human soul to thrive and reach its fullest potential without evil and tyrannical forces trying to enslave them. That’s a hill worthy to die on.

Thank you to Children’s Health Defense for bringing forth this incredibly important series.


Aria Morgan
About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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