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Our Lawyers are BACK on KPFK’s Rebel Alliance News!
Our lawsuits expose corruption and misuse of funds! Listen to our incredible legal team speak about Orange County Board of Supervisor Andrew Do and how his actions bolster our allegations that the OCBOS maintained an extended state of emergency for reasons other than health and safety, but rather to enrich themselves, their friends and their families with Federal Covid relief funds.
by Aria Morgan,
February 21, 2024
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Our amazing legal team is back on KPFK’s Rebel Alliance News with an update to our Orange County Board of Supervisors (OCBOS) case, which alleges that the not only did the OCBOS ignore the law  by refusing to hold mandatory meetings in order to justify continuing a state of emergency, but was also financially incentivized to do so. Recent events brought to light OC Board Supervisor Andrew Do, who funneled MILLIONS of Federal Covid relief funds into his 22-year-old daughter’s non-profit organization, without disclosing their relationship, without any public vote or approval, and prior to her charity being registered as an official non-profit.

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Read our article on Supervisor Do: OC Supervisor Secretly Funneled Millions in Covid Funds to Daughter’s Charity

Backstory: In 2021, Peggy Hall filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Board of Supervisors (OCBOS) for prolonging an illegal state of emergency pertaining to Covid. In May of 2022, CHD-CA (now Free Now Foundation), through our legal team at Facts Law Truth Justice, joined Hall’s lawsuit as co-petitioners. The lawsuit postulated, in part, that the OCBOS were illegally prolonging the declared local states of emergency under Covid to enrich themselves and their friends and family with millions in federal Coronavirus relief funds. “We believed that the OCBOS left the declared states of emergency in place for more than 3 years for reasons other than health and safety, and now there is evidence to support that,” says FLTJ attorney Rita Barnett-Rose. Recently it’s come to light that at least one member of the OCBOS was doing just that, and others on the board saw nothing wrong with that.

Aria Morgan

About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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