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  2. Thanks to YOU! Our Holiday Fundraiser with Jimmy Dore was a Huge Success!
Thanks to YOU! Our Holiday Fundraiser with Jimmy Dore was a Huge Success!
We are delighted to announce an Intimate Holiday Fundraiser with comedian Jimmy Dore and the Free Now Foundation Team. Save the date: Sun., Dec. 10 in Los Angeles. Let's ring in the holidays together.
by Aria Morgan,
November 13, 2023
Re Approved Jimmy Dore Photo 1

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Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us at our Holiday Fundraiser with Jimmy Dore. We had an incredible time!


This article is for a past event:

Free Now Foundation’s Holiday Fundraiser is priced so that everyone can come and enjoy an evening with celebrated comedian Jimmy Dore and a host of freedom-loving special guests, including Rev. Wendy Silvers, and all three of our amazing lawyers, Nicole Pearson, Rita Barnett-Rose and Jessica Barsotti, and our beloved Chairman Alix Mayer.

Buy your ticket, TODAY and mark your calendars for Sun., Dec. 10. We can’t wait to ring in the holidays with YOU!

Purchase Tickets!


Seventh Place Preferred Image

Be up-close and personal with Jimmy Dore with a seat in our front rows! Just $435 with EARLYBIRD discount. $500 regular price.

Outstanding seats right behind the VIP section. Just $325 with EARLYBIRD discount. $390 regular price.

Every seat in the house is amazing in this beautiful venue. You can’t go wrong with Silver. Just $225 with EARLYBIRD discount. $290 regular price.

“Seating section” refers to how close to the stage you will be. You are not reserving a fixed seat with a seat number.

Purchase Tickets!

Jimmy Dore

Re Approved Jimmy Dore Photo 1

“Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” – Patton Oswalt

Jimmy Dore is a certified YouTube sensation with over ONE MILLION subscribers and over 600 million views.

Jimmy is also an award-winning comedian with several Comedy Central Specials including “Citizen Jimmy,” which was chosen “Best Of The Year” by iTunes & Punchline magazine.

Jimmy’s newest role is that of a political commentator and activist who isn’t afraid to challenge establishment narratives and speak truth to power. His authenticity and commitment to truth has earned him an incredibly diverse fan base of loyal viewers who are drawn to his quick wit and finely tuned BS detector.

He uses his platform to bridge political divides in an attempt to bring Americans of different political persuasions together against empire.

 In addition to covering some of the most important topics of our day, he also uses his influence to advocate for issues that matter to him including free speech, press freedom, and Julian Assange. Jimmy’s latest comedy special “Covid Lies Are Funny” debunks the official narrative around all things Covid and is available now at

And Our Special Guests!

Reverend Wendy Silvers

Rev. Wendy Silvers

Rev. Wendy Silvers is Spiritual Director and Founder of Million Mamas Movement, whose mission is to help moms activate their highest potential as love activists who embody inner peace, raise healthy children, and change the world.

Rev. Wendy Silvers also leads a regular prayer group for AGAPE International Fellowship.

Nicole Pearson

Nicole Pearson

Nicole Pearson serves as legal counsel to Free Now Foundation through her law firm at Facts Law Truth Justice/Law Offices of Nicole C. Pearson.

Nicole represents FNF on the school mandate lawsuits as well as lawsuits to end prolonged local states of emergency. She’s also a dedicated mom of three.

Rita Barnett-Rose

Rita Barnett-Rose

Rita Barnett-Rose serves as legal counsel representing Free Now Foundation in lawsuits against school mandates and prolonged local states of emergency through the Facts Law Truth Justice law firm.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, Rita was a Legal Writing & Analysis Professor at Chapman University’s School of Law for over a decade. Her interests in a healthier world for children led her to FNF.

Jessica Barsotti

Jessica Barsottie

Jessica Barsotti serves as legal counsel representing FNF in the lawsuits against school mandates and prolonged local states of emergency through the Facts Law Truth Justice law firm. In 2020, Jessica turned her attention to medical freedom and Constitutional rights litigation as her main focus, due to the incredible government overreach and Constitutional degradations that she witnessed surrounding COVID-19.  As a mom of two teenagers attending California public schools, Jessica knows exactly what parents are going through in the districts trying to push various mandates on our children and attempting to remove parental involvement. She is dedicated to helping spread the word about the violations occurring, and how to fight back against them.

Alix Mayer

Alix Mayer

Alix Mayer is Chairman and co-founder of Free Now Foundation and has been spotted in Jimmy Dore’s past audiences laughing so hard, that tears rolled down her cheeks. Alix grew up in the Oscar Mayer family. She is a graduate of Duke University (BA) and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Alix co-founded the CA Chapter of Children’s Health Defense and served on the Board of Children’s Health Defense National prior to the formation of Free Now Foundation.

Purchase Tickets for $65 off using code: EARLYBIRD. Valid through Mon., Nov. 27

Purchase Tickets!

Aria Morgan

About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


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