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A Very Special Dinner: You Are Invited: Make Medical Freedom History with Us!
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by Alix Mayer,
April 23, 2024

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It’s Aimee Rickabus and Alix Mayer, of Free Now Foundation, the non-profit defending medical freedom in California, and winning!

We are thrilled to invite you to a history-making dinner. We write this invitation to you, in first person, as this is not a public landing page. It’s only for those privately invited to this dinner. Our note continues to you below the invitation…

Join Us


OC Dinner Invite

Since 2020 it’s been nearly impossible to get a medical exemption from vaccination for vulnerable California children. Or so we thought!

On May 3rd in Orange County, a couple dozen people who want to make history in California will get to join Free Now Foundation and special guests, at a private dinner to learn about a new Free Now Foundation case to bring back the legal medical exemption.

Also in attendance will be the one doctor getting legal medical exemptions for students! Most of the exemptions he submits are approved. Yes, you heard that right. This doctor has pulled rabbit after rabbit out of hats to get children into school in California, and keep them safe from the harms of vaccination. He’s not a medical doctor. And, he doesn’t live in California!

Join Us!

This may seem impossible, as we all remember when Newsom signed SB276 into law. It made vaccination de facto compulsory for K12 students. The medical exemption has to be written by a California medical doctor. It has to be entered into the California Immunization Registry, ironically called CAIR. (As if.) Then the Department of Public Health gets to override almost every medical exemption we’ve heard of. Then the schools say “No shots, no school.”

This has led to both #SCHOOLEXIT and #CALEXIT as the only ways to get around this requirement.

Despite this epic loss of parental and medical rights, Free Now Foundation has partnered with the doctor and legal team writing these successful medical exemptions, and we have found a legal way forward.

Join Us

2019 was a grim year. We remember the battleground well.

We remember thousands of us protesting this bill outside the Sacramento Capitol a dozen times, compared to the sedate one-hundred in support who appeared in a hearing room one day.

We remember extreme acts of protest, like moms chaining themselves to the Capitol doors.

We remember Activist & Attorney Leigh Dundas, Esq. circling the Capitol in a car pulling a make-shift stage – a boat – with a battery-powered PA system, to get around the denial of a speaking permit.

We remember a colleague describing how he bought a 30-minute meeting with Newsom to protest this bill. The meeting ended with Newsom screaming at him, “THIS IS ABOVE ME. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.”

Finally, Alix remembers being on the phone with Freedom Angels Activist Tara Thornton while she was the ONLY member of the public at a sneaky, surprise final hearing vote that passed the “trailer bill” to SB276. We screamed. We cried. Then, Tara asked if she should sing. “Yes,” Alix said. “Yes, sing.” And she did, loudly, from the balcony over the heads of all the crooked legislators who passed these heinous bills. Until the legislative body cut the sound, so those of us on the live feed couldn’t hear her anymore.

[cue record player arm scratch]

Join Us

Things are about to change. This out-of-state doctor and his medical and legal team have proven – after having thousands of exemptions accepted – that in most cases you can get a legal medical exemption in California. Now, Free Now Foundation intends to prove it in court, once and for all.

No more abuse.

Won’t you join us and this very special doctor at this May 3rd Laguna Beach dinner to learn how he is legally doing this? This doctor can submit legal exemptions for your kids and grandkids for K-12 school, and even for college students and employees. You’ll also learn about the case Free Now Foundation intends to file to put the reins back in the hands of parents and doctors. This is a history-making dinner. We’ll be proud to say it all started here, with you.

This very special dinner has been arranged by the generosity of Aimee & Brenden Rickabus. If you’d like to stay overnight in a hotel in Orange County after the dinner, thanks to the generosity of Aimee & Brenden Rickabus, you can secure a $300 rate at the Waldorf in Dana Point, if you would like to secure a room please email Aimee at .

One of our favorite chefs and freedom-lovers, Chef Lindsay Smith of Nirvana Grill, will serve us an inspired, sustainable dinner in a private dining room at her farm-to-table restaurant in Laguna Beach.

Please confirm your seat(s) by registering now.

Join Us

P.S. One of our esteemed board members, Richard Fox, MD & JD is the only vaccine-optional pediatrician in California. He doesn’t write medical exemptions, but if you need a friendly & experienced medical doctor as your child’s pediatrician, he is here for you.




Alix Mayer

About the Author, Alix Mayer

Alix Mayer is Chairman and co-founder of Free Now Foundation, since April 2023. In the 1990s, at the age of 29, Alix ran a worldwide research group at Apple until the Hepatitis B vaccine physically disabled her and gave her brain damage. She calls her decades-long disability her “Runner-up Darwin Award” for not researching vaccines prior to rolling up her sleeve. After gaining a substantial recovery, she worked as a health consultant for a decade, before retiring and volunteering 100% of her time to serve on the Board at Children’s Health Defense and co-found the California Chapter of CHD, where she served as Board Chairman.

Alix’s presentation on the creation of the fake “Supra-emergency” to suspend our Bill of Rights during lockdowns was recognized by Dr. Mercola as one of his “Best of 2022” interviews. She has also been interviewed by Steve Kirsch, Steve Bannon, Mike Adams of Natural News, and many others. She speaks regularly, including on Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America tour, Defeat the Mandates LA, COVIDCON, and at many rallies and protests.

Alix grew up in the Oscar Mayer family. She is a graduate of Duke University (BA) and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.


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