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Murder By Numbers: The COVID-19 Hospital Protocol
Matthew Becker, Ph.D., exposes hospital Covid murder via blanket Remdesivir treatment and patient neglect. Part of One of a series.
by Matthew Becker,
September 7, 2023
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In part one of this series, Geil Seiler is told she is going to die prior to being treated for COVID-19 in a Texas hospital, and Gail Macrae, a nurse in northern California, expresses her remorse for administering the COVID-19 hospital protocol, which she calls “medical murder.” Seiler escapes the hospital with the help of a lawyer, a state senator, and her husband — a former Army captain and emergency room (ER) nurse.

Hospital holocaust.”

Hospitals across the United States have killed COVID-19 inpatients since May of 2020, as witnessed by hundreds on record testifying that the COVID-19 hospital protocol is murder by numbers.1

The crime proceeds as follows: (1) isolate presumed COVID-19 inpatients from family and friends, so they are without allies; (2) deny them basic care and hygiene, so they fester in their own filth; (3) limit fluids and nutrition to an IV, so they starve; (4) deny them exercise, so they atrophy; (5) administer them oxygen at levels that damage their lungs, so they are unable to oxygenate without hospital equipment; (6) administer them Remdesivir intravenously against the patients’ and families’ wishes, so their kidneys fail and fluid builds up in their lungs and throughout their bodies; (7) ventilate them against the patients’ and families’ wishes; and (8) sedate them at overdose levels.    

Number 8 proves intent.  At the end of the COVID-19 hospital protocol patients are routinely administered levels of sedation that no human being can survive. Doctors and nurses in many cases announce to the family in advance the exact hour of their loved one’s upcoming death. When the medical records are released much later after a bureaucratic fight, the family sees the record of the hour-by-hour overdose, ramped up on the last day.2  

This wholesale murder is a “hospital holocaust,” according to Gail Seiler, who survived it through the intervention of three resourceful allies: a lawyer, a state senator, and a former Army captain and emergency room (ER) nurse who is her husband.3 “I’m going home with him,” she said to the attending nurse who had called the police to keep her in a Texas hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) against her and her husband’s will.  After a five-hour standoff with police, her husband got her out before the medical staff killed her. Evelyn Peagler, a German woman who met her husband at 16 when he was stationed in Germany and married him at 18, was not so fortunate. She lost her husband in an Alabama hospital’s ICU to the protocol she calls “genocide.”4 What follows is a story none of us thought could ever happen in America.   


“At that point everything changed,” Gail Seiler says of the moment she answered “no” to the question of whether she was vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.  In the Texas hospital’s ER “the whole mood shifted.  I completely lost control of managing my own decisions, my healthcare decisions.”5 She lost every right that the medical profession is sworn to uphold, most egregiously the right to informed consent.  

As many of us have learned since the advent of COVID-19, the right to informed consent is enshrined as Article One of the Nuremberg Code, instituted after the Second World War to protect humanity against involuntary medical treatment. We learn our history in crisis. Gail Seiler was coerced into receiving Remdesivir intravenously though she and her husband knew it was deadly and protested vehemently.

Her saga begins around Thanksgiving of 2021.  She felt increasingly ill and on December 2nd  tested positive for COVID-19. Gail and her husband, Brad, had ordered ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and Budesonide from the Frontline Doctors.6 But that treatment had not arrived. Eighteen months into the pandemic there was no government approved at home treatment for COVID-19. The Frontline Doctors stepped into the breach and were widely maligned for doing so. As a Massachusetts doctor told Robert F. Kennedy Jr. when his 93-year-old mother tested positive for COVID-19, “There’s really nothing we can do unless she starts having trouble breathing. Then we will send her up to Mass General for ventilation.”7 The standard of care was to let the patient sicken at home until she had trouble breathing and then have her report to a hospital for the protocol.  

Meanwhile, the ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and Budesonide that Gail and Brad had ordered were all but contraband. This though ivermectin had won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for its safety and efficacy as an antiviral, hydroxychloroquine had been a World Health Organization “essential medicine” for over 65 years, and Budesonide is a corticosteroid so safe it is given to infants when they are having trouble breathing. The treatment the Seilers had ordered had been maligned in the two most prestigious medical journals on the planet, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, in articles since retracted for research fraud.8 We get a glimpse into the scandalous state of Western Medicine.   

“Something has gone fundamentally wrong…”

The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, Richard Horton, said in 2015 that “science has taken a turn toward darkness.” He explained, “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue… no one is incentivized to be right.”9  

The New England Journal of Medicine’s former editor-in-chief, Marcia Angell, said in 2018, “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.10  

Richard Horton warned, “Something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations.”11 He said in 2004, “Journals have devolved into information-laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry… the process of publication has been reduced to marketing dressed up as legitimate science.”12 Horton became editor-in-chief of The Lancet in 1995 and is still at its helm in 2023. He has overseen a long, slow slide into darkness. 


So in the absence of at-home treatment, Gail Seiler got worse. The antivirals and the corticosteroid had not come. And her breathing became more labored. “We need a plan,” Brad said when her oxygen saturation dropped to the high 70s. They lived two minutes away from Medical City Plano where the Texas gubernatorial candidate Colonel Alan West and his wife had received the Frontline Doctor’s protocol two weeks earlier, as reported in the media. Brad printed copies of this protocol and drove Gail to Medical City Plano. He presented a copy to the admitting nurse. “Oh yes, we do that protocol too, and we will,” the nurse said. “We can do this.” But Gail had tested positive for COVID-19, so Brad had to leave. She would not see him again until he led her jailbreak twelve days later.    


Harmful isolation

A northern California nurse, Gail Macrae, explains the criminality of that enforced isolation. Macrae suffers from PTSD for her part in administering the COVID-19 hospital protocol at a Kaiser Permanente facility in Santa Rosa, California. “They stopped allowing patient family members to the bedside. The first time I had to speak with a family member and tell them they couldn’t come to the bedside of their terrified, very sick loved one—that was probably one of the most terrible moments of my life. I felt like I was violating my self, my ethics, my oath, and my patients. I just couldn’t stop imagining if that was me in that position. I felt like a horrible person. I went home feeling horrible.”13   

Macrae insists that there is no public health rationale for the enforced isolation. “They use the excuse of ‘Oh, well this is to protect the community.’ No, no, no, no. If I can put on [personal protective equipment], and I can take precautions and wash my hands, and then I can go to work, and then I can go back to my family and into my community, and that’s considered appropriate, my patients’ family members absolutely deserve that same right. It’s a right.”

Not only is visitation a right, but the toll enforced isolation takes on a patient is immeasurable. “We know from hundreds of years of research,” Macrae says, “that having a support system when you’re scared and feeling that there’s a potential that you might die—it is absolutely correlated to your ability to get through those experiences.”   


“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Seiler, but you are going to die.”

An hour and a half into her twelve days isolated by force in Medical City Plano, Gail Seiler was asked if she was vaccinated. She answered politely that she had a medical exemption and worked from home, and noted a sharp change in tone. She was told it was not financially feasible for the hospital to admit patients to its intensive care unit (ICU) until five were ready to go up as a group. Twenty-six hours into her medical incarceration, during the night of December 4th, Gail and four others were admitted to Medical City Plano’s ICU.  

On the morning of Sunday, December 5th, 2021, she was finally seen by a doctor, Dr. Giang Quach. He did not examine her. He asked her a few questions for a medical form, including the now redundant question of whether she had been vaccinated. No. He patted her on the hand. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Seiler,” he said, “but you are going to die.”14    

“You’re fired, Doc,” Gail said, “because I didn’t come here to die. I have a husband. I have grandkids.” Gail was 53 years old with no underlying conditions. “I have—I didn’t come here to die. So you’re fired.” 

“Yeah,” said Dr. Quach. “The only option you have is remdesivir and a ventilator. And even then you probably are going to die.” The attending nurse, William Fripp, nodded.


All harm, no benefit

More than a thousand miles away at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa, California, Gail Macrae discussed with other nurses their hospital’s insistence on administering Remdesivir. “‘Why are we giving patients an antiviral when they’re a week past symptom onset? Why are we giving them this antiviral medication that’s experimental, and we’re seeing no improvement, and as a matter of fact, we’re seeing patients go into multi-organ failures?’

“And I did bring that up—we spoke about it at the nurses’ station. We did bring it up to our colleagues. And it was always the same response: ‘This is the protocol. This is all we have—there’s nothing else we can give.’ And that was just terrible—it was terrible.”15

Remdesivir does cause kidney failure and is in fact useless in the pulmonary stage of COVID-19.16 It was proven useless in a multi-national World Health Organization (WHO) study of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, so the WHO recommended against it.17 But in July of 2020 the U.S. bought up all the world’s production of remdesivir, 90 percent of it in August and September of 2020, and then began awarding U.S. hospitals hundreds of thousand dollars per patient to administer it.18 Since then the U.S. has had the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities in the world.19   


When Dr. Quach pronounced her death sentence, Gail Seiler was going into a very dark place indeed.   

End of part one.  Part two to follow.


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Matthew Becker
About the Author, Matthew Becker

Matthew Becker, PhD from University of Southern California, taught writing at California State University, Dominguez Hills, for 23 years until the end of 2021 when he left academia due to his opposition to unethical practices regarding students and COVID-19 vaccines — his students were forced to take a vaccine they didn’t want or forge documents saying they did. Many he knows complied and were injured.


  1. Katherine Strange

    Bravo Matt. I can’t wait for part two. This iatrogenic murder in hospitals must be revealed, and those who lie and took the blood money must pay the ultimate price.

    They Knew. They Lied.

    Mistakes were NOT Made.

  2. Matthew Becker

    Well said, Katherine. The aim I hear again and again from victims’ testimonies is accountability, justice.

  3. Hugh Hall

    Excellent work Matt. Very well written with full documentation. We seem to be at a time post-covid where the majority of our fellow citizens just want to move on and find it more comfortable not to deal with the reality of 1 million covid deaths in the U.S of which 50-75% could have been saved by safe and proven early treatment protocols and the off label use of very inexpensive drugs. Obscene fees were paid for ramdesivir, which was proven in tests to cause kidney and liver damage. Phenomenally high government subsidized fees were paid to hospitals when they certified covid as the cause of death. An unimagineable amount of wealth was transfered from the middle class taxpayer to the big-pharma/medical industrial complex that our children and grandchildren will be paying for the rest of their lives. If people don’t accept the truth and wake up it will surely happen again. I can’t wait for part 2.

  4. Rudy Swigart

    Very insightful, Matt. I hadn’t considered the effects on the healthcare workers and I often wondered why they were not speaking out more. The testimony of Ms. Macrae, having to tell family members that they cannot be bedside with their sick loved one must have been traumatizing for her to experience, not alone the family members. That protocol resulted in many dying alone without their family beside in the hospital. A tragedy that will probably resonate among their families for quite some time. I imagine that the guilt on both sides must be debilitating. Very sad.
    Thank you for your efforts in compiling the information and for speaking out against the atrocities. What next can be done?


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