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Plandemic 3 : The Great Awakening
Summary: The Great Awakening is part three in the highly successful Plandemic documentary series. Plandemic’s first episode — just 26 minutes long — became a viral sensation in the first […]
by Aria Morgan,
July 17, 2023
Plandemic 3

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The Great Awakening is part three in the highly successful Plandemic documentary series. Plandemic’s first episode — just 26 minutes long — became a viral sensation in the first few months of lockdown, with over one billion views, worldwide. PLANDEMIC 2: Indoctornation expanded on the theme of a planned pandemic, setting records “with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream.” Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening, has been seen by 11 million people in its first month of streaming. All films are available to the public, for free, here.

Why and How

Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening explores the “why” and “how” behind the globalist agenda that subjected us to Covid lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions. Many of us in 2020 wondered why everything happened the way it did – totalitarianism in lock-step around the world. Plandemic 3 spells out how this global technocratic takeover was actually a planned series of calculated steps to form a one-world government whose inhabitants would be devoid of property and personal belongings. This fascist takeover is known as “The Great Reset” and openly discussed by Klaus Schwab and members of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

You Will Own Nothing, and Be Happy

The removal of property and ownership rights is the core basis of Communism, a theme expanded on in Plandemic 3. One of Schwab’s most famous quotes, first debuted by Ida Auken, a Young Global Leader and member of the WEF, makes that clear: You will own nothing, and be happy.”

Because the freedom-loving people of the United States are the single-greatest threat to this one-world government, Plandemic 3 suggests that we have to be cowed into submission. But how to transform this bastion of democracy and freedom into a totalitarian nation?


Corruption, Fear and Mass Psychosis 

Fear stems from many factors, two of which threaten humans to their core and cause dramatic changes in behavior: ostracism from society and the threat of violence.

Anyone who felt like a social outcast during the Covid-19 pandemic because they dared question the official narrative will relate to Plandemic’s interviewees, several of which dive into Mattias Desmet’s theory of Mass Psychosis. Edward Griffin, expert on Communism, joins a host of now-familiar names in the Health Freedom movement to explain how society became fractured into ever smaller groups, all pitted against one another and sectioned off by race, class and gender.

Fear, insults, and name calling were used to silence dissent as the public was subjected to horrific acts of violence and civil unrest, (remember the 2020 riots and the Portland “Free Zone”?) We later learned that these public displays of rage did not happen organically. Extremely wealthy individuals, who stood to profit from the unraveling of society, funded and organized groups such as Black Lives Matter.

To silence those who didn’t comply, the government, mainstream media, and social media colluded to instill shame and fear into anyone who dared ask questions. Censorship and cancel-culture ensued on a grand scale, resulting in a staggering increase in the scope and power of government, along with the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. Plandemic 3 warns that the end game is yet to be played.

If we do not resist, the result will be the complete loss of our freedom under the guise of benefitting the collective.


The film ends with a powerful message of hope, reminding us that all of this is only possible because we are a kind and caring people: our compassion was weaponized against us. The film encourages us tostand together, to resonate with the heartbeat of the Universe that gave us life, to feel the joy of being human,” and to form communities and support networks of like-minded individuals.

Producer Nadia Salamanca is both a documentary filmmaker and a mom. She shares wisdom from her personal journey, including tips on how to enact lasting change:

“Everything boils down to staying connected to Source, that ineffable energy that is spoken about at the end of the film, and also just to connect with your family, with your community. It’s so important to keep those connections alive and to feel supported in this really challenging time. And coming back to Nature as much as possible: it helps us stay positive and grounded

Free Now Foundation: Please speak to the person who doesn’t have community, who wasn’t an activist during Covid, who may just be realizing all of this information. How does that family, that person find community?

People think they are the only ones in their community, but there are people all around us. I know that a lot of families are being separated and disconnected. You have to start to create your own family and friend group. Put it out there. Don’t feel paralyzed or complacent.”

Salamanca ends by encouraging all of us to find community where we can. Start small. Start local. Look online. There are so many alternative sources of news and information outside of the mainstream narrative. More and more popping up all the time in different places. (Editorial suggestion: In addition to following Free Now Foundation’s original reporting, try Substack for news. Signal and Telegram for freedom-minded groups, and Rumble for censorship-free videos.)

As with anything in life, once we take a step, the Universe is there to help us.

But we have to take that first step.

Aria Morgan
About the Author, Aria Morgan

Aria Morgan is the Managing Editor of Free Now Foundation. Aria is a passionate and accomplished editor with a diverse background in writing for various industries, including music, film, health and yoga, and with published covers and feature credits in national magazines. Aria is dedicated to protecting civil rights and promoting health and medical freedom, and is thrilled to be a part of the Free Now Foundation team.


  1. Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first PLANDEMIC film, while the 2nd film was primarily personal story after personal story (this film greatly disappointed me because there was so much evidence from peer review medical journals that questioned the MSM narrative (I prefer solid scientific evidence to personal stories).

    However, much to my great surprise, I was very very disappointed with this new film. Although the film began beautifully with Miki Willis’ narrative, it quickly went downhill with its obsession on “communism.” Sorry to tell you (or anyone) this, but communism is DEAD! There are no serious communist party or even members in the USA. The film was fighting a GHOST.

    With ALL of the strong bodies of evidence that a film could have used, this film missed a great opportunity by focussing on a political party that is virtually invisible.

    The film would have been so much better if it focussed more on the corporate take-over of our democracy…or on the fraudulent use of science to mandate vaccines and masks…

    • Aria Morgan

      I completely understand your perspective, Dana, and you’re not the first to provide this point of view. From what I gather, “communism” in Plandemic 3 is equated to “fascism,” “totalitarianism,” and any type of regime which siphons freedom of speech and civil rights away from the people and condenses power up into the upper echelons. Communism was one of the first (and strongest) movements in the 20th century to do so…I believe this is why Plandemic uses “Communism” as a blanket statement. And as for your last point — the corporate take-over of our democracy. Yes. Absolutely yes! The corporate take over of our democracy is a fundamental aspect of totalitarianism and fascism: whereas in the past, these movements have had a one-state, one-leader figurehead, today, the figurehead(s) remain behind the scenes for the average person, and the one-state/one-leader aspect has devolved into a unifying world body that issues rules by which seemingly sovereign nations must abide. Instead of monarchies or a despot controlling a country, countries are controlled via lobbyists beholden to corporate interests, and the icing on the cake? Just a few ruling corporations own virtually everything.


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