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Glyphosate – The Secret Poisoning of America. 
   How big business is getting rich from poisoning Americans and their kids, and why Monsanto, which is also behind the famous mass poisonings of DDT  and Agent Orange is allowed to sell it.   […]
by Jevon Perra,
July 21, 2023
Baby Puppy Grass Scaled

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Round Up

 How big business is getting rich from poisoning Americans and their kidsand why Monsanto, which is also behind the famous mass poisonings of DDT  and Agent Orange is allowed to sell it.


Glyphosate was first patented and introduced by Monsanto in 1974 ( US Patent 7,771,736), after the ban on their deadly DDT. In the late 1980s, Monsanto went direct-to-the-consumer with RoundUp. By the 1990’s, it was flowing in household driveways, yards and farmlands. Soon after, farmers began to use it as a desiccant, or “ripening agent”. By stressing and killing crops faster —especially wheat, Glyphosate allows an expedited harvest. Source, Source

Glyphosate goes hand-in-hand with genetically modified (GM) RoundUp Ready seeds which are designed to tolerate Glyphosate, allowing farmers to spray fields without restraint. Source. Farmers are also incentivized to use glyphosate: in states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota, farmers receive a “premium rate discount” if they plant 75-80% of their field with Monsanto GM seeds. Source.

Unfortunately, once a farmer switches to Monsanto GM seeds, they are bound to GMO. Very little will grow in the now-toxic soil, and the farmer is not allowed to use the seeds naturally produced by their GMO crops to plant next season’s crops. Every year, a new batch of seeds must be purchased, or face legal recourse. Source.  Naturally, this arrangement translates into a massive financial boon for Monsanto: a completely captured customer.

Other countries restrict or deny Monsanto. Why does the US still use it?

Glyphosate was classified as probably carcinogenic to humans according to a report from IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer and by the State of CA. Yet, the amount of glyphosate permitted in drinking water in the U.S. is 700 micrograms per liter, whereas the level allowed for pesticides in Europe is 0.10 of a microgram. We are consuming glyphosate levels 7,000 times higher than what other countries consider safe!Source.

Sri Lanka banned all glyphosate-based pesticides following a series of mysterious epidemics of fatal chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu) affecting several poor farming regions around the world. The kidney disease epidemic was linked to the presence of heavy metals, hard water and glyphosate. Source. And by next year, both Mexico and Germany had approved legislation to ban glyphosate entirely. Source.

In the United States, glyphosate is undergoing a bad day in the courts, beginning with a recent ruling which will force Bayer to stop residential sales of glyphosate this year (2023), thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s historic $290 million dollar settlement against Monsanto/Roundup showing it caused cancer for his clients. Also, thanks to the Wisner Baum Law Group, which has won over $2 Billion in settlements against Monsanto/RoundUp for damages from glyphosate for its victims. Source.

Yet Glyphosate still flows in our fields, and is sprayed on neighborhood lawns where our children play.

Willful Ignorance, or PURPOSEFUL CORRUPTION?

The EPA still does not test for glyphosate. We can only speculate as to the reason why. Some have suggested that when Big Government and Big Business climb into bed together and make Big Bucks, safety regulations are overlooked in lieu of foolproof product chains. Sell a product and sell the “cure” for the disease that the product produces. The result? BIG MONEY. Source.

If the average consumer realized how much glyphosate is in American food, water and supply chain, we would be mortified!  

      • The glyphosate levels found in breast milk testing of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l are 760 to 1600 times higher than what the European Drinking Water Directive allows. (Please note: These statistics are for breast milk, NOT drinking water.) Test Results

      • Testing found glyphosate levels in urine were over 8 times higher than those found in Europe. Test Results 

      • Tests by the Environmental Working Group say 26 out of 28 samples of Quaker and General Mills oat based cereal had unsafe levels of glyphosate. The WHO says 160 parts per billion (PPB) are the max safe amount. The cereal samples were as high as 2837 PPB. Source

    So what do we do now? 


    Don’t get stuck on changing the world, start by changing your small corner of it. Change what you can in your life, in your home. Educate your children on the link between the soil and the microbiome. 

    Ever heard the phrase — “You do not have my consent”? Consent is key in nearly every situation that involves food and product choice. Big Business, Big Agriculture and Big Pharma rely on our laziness. As oppressors, their power is in direct proportion to our willingness to consent. In doing so, we remain oppressed.

    To overcome this, stop using poison on your lawns. Stop eating poison on your plates. Start eating real organic food. The EWG offers a useful list they call “the dirty dozen“; it highlights the 12 most contaminated fruits and veggies which you should always buy organic.

    Free Now Foundation contributing writer Jevon Perra enjoys seeking out the real story, the truth of things. You can find him at and on YouTube

    If this article was meaningful for you, please share it and please consider donating to Free Now Foundation so that we can continue our efforts to expose corruption, fight bad legislation, and when needed, file lawsuits to set precedents that protect us all.

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    Jevon Perra
    About the Author, Jevon Perra

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    1. Jevon perra

      We need to make decisions for ourselves. It’s no longer safe to depend on the “experts” for the welfare of our families. The good news is the info is there. Fear is not a good reason to submit to intimidation, as fear has detrimental consequences of its own. Instead let’s consider together the truth and bring to light what was dark and make decisions to support the raising of health and consciousness as a whole for humanity.


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