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After Rice & Beans: A Crash-course in Prepping – Workshop II

April 18, 2024 @ 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Don’t miss this series to build your family’s 90+ day “bug-in” plan! 

Uber-prepper John Yegge will show you how to optimize food, water, power/electricity, security, mutual aid groups, communications, first aid and barter & trade.
Be fully prepared to thrive with family and community for 90 days right at home, even in an urban setting.
John has answers and solutions to every possible prepping question. You’ll see…!
Ample Q&A with John included!



In this 3-part workshop series, learn:

  • A practical, 90-day+ urban plan to optimize shelter, water & food
  • How to optimize power/electricity, communication & mutual aid groups
  • How to optimize security, medical/first aid, and barter & trade
  • Why your neighborhood community is critical
  • How not to leave critical needs to chance

Tickets on sale, now!

Register for the March 21st workshop, or save $50 by registering for the entire 3-part series in Redwood City. This is a popular topic. Register now to guarantee your spot.

First Workshop | March 21 | $75
Optimizing Food, Water & Shelter

Second Workshop | April 18 | $75 
Optimizing power/electricity, communication & mutual aid groups

Third Workshop | May 23 | $75 
Optimizing security, medical/first aid, and barter & trade

Save $50 | All 3 Workshops | March 21, April 18 & May 23 | $175

What’s in store for 2024? 

Since 2020, Free Now Foundation has brought you solutions. Under illegal EUA vaccine mandates during lockdowns, we sued bad actors and won. We provided resources to get you medical and religious exemptions from testing, vaccines and more.

This time we have the gift of foresight. As the media pushes “Disease X” and cyberattack narratives, suddenly 30 – 40% of Americans are prepping, but only 5% are even minimally prepared for a 3-day outage.

We don’t know what will happen, if anything, but we know self-sufficiency is freedom. We think 15-minute cities and FEMA camps are weaponized architecture. We know our beloved community wishes to avoid these places.

Our prepper courses are designed to help you “bug in” for 90+ days so you won’t be tempted to get food, water and electricity elsewhere during an extended outage and potential suspension of normal government and retail services.

After Rice & Beans: A Crash-course in Prepping

Terri Harrah

About the Author, Terri Harrah

Passionate medical freedom activist and former writer of CHD/CA. Terri co-hosts a monthly brainstorm for the National Health Federation. Beyond activism, Terri brings a diverse professional creative background in the film, interior design, real estate industries and is currently the Executive Assistant here at FNF. Terri is also the mother of two amazing sons.


April 18, 2024
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Chez Nous
2159 Roosevelt Ave
Redwood City,CA94061United States
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