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  2. Dr. Huang's story is Going Viral! What REALLY happened between the State of CA and Dr. Huang?
Dr. Huang’s story is Going Viral! What REALLY happened between the State of CA and Dr. Huang?
Dr. Huang was known for stating, “DO NOT call it a vaccine.” This is ‘GENE THERAPY.’ ” He treated thousands injured by this mRNA gene therapy, including police, fire fighters, […]
by Melissa Oppenheimer,
July 24, 2023
Dr Huang Featured Image

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Dr. Huang was known for stating, “DO NOT call it a vaccine.” This is ‘GENE THERAPY.’ ” He treated thousands injured by this mRNA gene therapy, including police, fire fighters, nurses and other medical professionals. He saved millions in tax dollars by helping save lives and get frontline workers back to work! The State of CA Health Directors and Medical Board did not care about the results: all they cared about was his anti-Covid vaccine narrative. Dr. Huang’s practice was SHUT down! See his heartbreaking 2-minute video shot the day his office was closed, here.

Dr. Huang is dedicated to helping people, to following the medical edict of “First, do no harm.” Unfortunately, laws like California’s AB 2098 have prevented doctors like Huang from doing no harm.

AB 2098 was passed in 2022 in the Legislative session. Also known as The Doctor Gag Bill, it prevents doctors from treating patients with Covid unless the doctor follows the official state treatment protocols, and also prevents doctors from speaking out against the official guidelines or offering alternative therapies. Free Now Foundation is actively fighting legislation like AB 2098. In 2022, we acted as a co-plaintiff with funding from Children’s Health Defense to obtain a preliminary injunction on this doctor gag order bill.

Dr. Huang chose to help people, rather than follow blind state dictates. Over the last two years, Dr. Huang has treated hundreds of Kaiser nurses and doctors damaged by this new gene therapy using a combination of Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine. His treatments were so successful that thousands flocked to him from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to Covid, Dr. Huang had already been practicing medicine for 20 years. In that time, he saw less than five vaccine injuries. After the Covid vaccines emerged, he saw thousands, many accompanied with now-known side effects such as heart issues, unexplained growths, cancers, breathing problems, inflammatory changes in the body, menstrual changes, and more.

Dr. Huang began issuing shot and mask exemptions for kids, college students, and for jobs, securing nearly 4,000 in total!


Rest assured, we will continue to follow Dr. Huang’s story and stand with all doctors like him.

If you would like to help us fight bad legislation and sue corrupt politicians, please consider donating to Free Now Foundation.

CLICK here to Donate to our Lawsuits and help us Fight Censorship and Corruption in Medicine.

Free Now Foundation writer Melissa Oppenheimer is a Freedom Fighter who used to work for Merck. You may find her on SubstackTwitterRumble and YouTube.

Melissa Oppenheimer
About the Author, Melissa Oppenheimer


  1. Marissa Johanson

    I’m filled with compassion for Dr. Huang! His practice privileges should be reinstated with out delay. He is correct- this is a therapeutic shot and NOT a vaccine. This is the biggest medical shame of all history. The entire human race was used as a lab experiment. I’m horrified by it all, and disappointed in the failure of the medical and scientific community for not being stronger yhan the political machine behind it all.

  2. Judy

    This is an angel in a man’s body. Please keep us informed of his activities. A being such as this is not going to fade away because of having been dismissed by a corrupt group of fearful sheep. May the powers of the Universe guide and protect him!

  3. Yaping zhang

    This is a real doctor that should be followed. CA government is corrupted. As a mum, I have seen the side effect of vaccine including covid vaccine in my kids and other kids. We support Dr Huang.

  4. Laura

    Thank you to Dr. Huang for his courage, conviction and willingness to fight tyranny in CA! He was the only Dr. I could find who would give my son a vax exemption to attend a college that is STILL requiring students to have at least one or two covid jabs. Thankfully my son transferred from that school to a university that did not require a jab and is in a “free state”. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for fighting and standing his ground. God Bless you Dr. Huang!


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