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European Study Confirms: “Placebos” Administered Amongst “Bad” Shots
Free Now Foundation continues to expose corruption with our lawsuits and original reporting. Below is our latest effort with our talented writer and researcher Katherine Strange who exposes how some […]
by Katherine Strange,
July 28, 2023
Free Now Foundation European Study Confirms Placebos

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Free Now Foundation continues to expose corruption with our lawsuits and original reporting. Below is our latest effort with our talented writer and researcher Katherine Strange who exposes how some Covid vaccine vials were more toxic than others, and they knew it!

A recent Danish study reveals that nearly 30% of Pfizer COVID-19 batches deployed by the European Union (labeled BioNTech) fall under the “placebo” category. The remaining batches can be split into two categories: those with significant vs. those with moderate severe adverse events (SAE). Researchers suspect intentional fraud and deception.

This bombshell study, which simply concludes that more studies are warranted,” was immediately interpreted by alternative media genre (The Defender, The Daily Sceptic, and The Highwire) as indicative of corruption at the highest levels. If the Danish study is true, we are facing yet another example of medical corruption, a story about which virtually no mainstream journalist or news media outlet has uttered a word. 


Five Scientists. Three Distinct Batches.

Five German scientists have publicly questioned the safety, quality, and consistency of the BioNTech injection for over 18 months. Two of them — Dr. Gerald Dyker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum, and Dr. Jorg Matysik, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig— recently discussed batch variability, using the Danish study as their launching point. Dyker and Matysik discussed the colossal variation in suspected adverse events (SAEs) associated with different batches.

Figure 1 shows the batches administered in Denmark between December 2020 and January 2022 (see below) and illustrates the heterogeneity of batches. Investigators suggest that:
1) the vaccine regulators knew that batches were highly varied;
2)  knew they included placebos;
3) intentionally did not subject them to quality-control testing. 

The Danish researchers found that batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech injection are broken down into three distinctive groups. Represented by the dots in the graph, investigators break down these batches into three groupings: green, blue and yellow.  

Figure 1

‘Green Batches’

Green batches highlight moderate to moderately high levels of SAEs. The green dot furthest to the right is the batch used the most in Denmark, with just over 800,000 doses being administered, of which 2000 SAEs followed, representing one SAE per 400 doses. 

“That’s not a small amount if we compare (it) to what we know otherwise from the influenza vaccines.”  – Dr. Dyker implores. The green batches account for about 61% of the SAEs. 


‘Blue Batches’

The ‘blue batches’ are associated with exponentially higher levels of SAEs. Up to 80,000 doses of these blue batches were administered in Denmark, with 8,000 SAEs associated: one SAE for every ten doses. In addition, Dr. Dyker points out that some of the blue batches show a rate as high as one SAE for every six doses. These ‘extremely bad’ blue batches represent only 4.22% of the total doses, but they are associated with nearly 50% of the 579 deaths recorded.


‘Yellow Batches’

‘Yellow batches’ represent 32.09% of the total doses in the study and barely rise above the x-axis of suspected adverse events. The total number of yellow-batch-associated SAEs is 237. Of the 237 SAEs, 147 were considered serious, and 5 represent recorded deaths: not exactly a ‘harmless’ placebo. 



Batch Control Quality Testing

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) is responsible for quality-control testing of all the Pfizer-BioNTech injections in the EU. PEI had performed quality-control testing and approval to release all the extremely ‘bad’ blue batches, the vast majority of the ‘bad’ green batches, but virtually none of the ‘harmless’ yellow batches. 

Why were none of the ‘harmless’ yellow batches subject to quality-control testing? Did PEI suspect that these yellow batches were less dubious or problematic? Dr. Dyker, one of the investigative doctors, stated, “This would support the initial suspicion that [the yellow batches] are maybe… something like placebos.” .

Another highly suspect action remains: Why the batches with significant SAE’s — which represent 5% of the total doses administered and over 50% of the deaths reported — “quietly pulled’ off the market, whereas the remaining batches with moderate SAE’s were allowed to be administered? 

And why so few doses of these extremely ‘bad’ batches? Some suspect that these blue batches were pulled from the market by public health authorities after being administered early in the roll-out to elders with a higher predisposition for death. 

Clearly, further research is needed.

Figure 2 – The Yellow, or “Placebo” Batches

A screenshot of a tableDescription automatically generated


‘Yellow Batches’ — True Placebos?

The ‘harmless’ yellow batches appear to be much less toxic, yet still indicate some adverse events, which means they were not simply saline, an inert substance. What other toxic substances were contained in these batches to cause adverse events, and even death? This topic of what was in the Pfizer COVID-19 injections was covered in, What’s in That Vial? You Will Never Know.  Six months later, we still have no clear picture of the contents of the Pfizer-BioNTech vials, and the bottom line is — no pure saline vials have been found in the independent vial testing. 

A complete and transparent investigation is needed for all batches or we will never know the contents of these toxic injections.

Katherine Strange MBA, is a writer, pro-freedom, independent citizen journalist, and entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the wine and spirits trade. You may also find her on Substack – Strange On The Frontlines

If this article was meaningful for you, please share it and please consider donating to Free Now Foundation so that we can continue our efforts to expose corruption, fight bad legislation, and when needed, file lawsuits to set precedents that protect us all.



Katherine Strange
About the Author, Katherine Strange

Katherine Strange, MBA, is a writer, entrepreneur, and citizen journalist with over 25 years of experience in the wine and spirits trade. She is passionate about research and analysis, and enjoys writing about complex topics and issues. Katherine is also an avid fitness enthusiast, dog lover, and beach-goer, and she spends her free time traveling and gardening with her husband and son. You may also find her at – Strange On The Frontlines


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