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Free Now Foundation proudly presents: “We Knew, We Acted with Alix Mayer” with Todd Callender
We are delighted to share with you our second podcast interview with Todd Callender who shares startling information about the COVID vaccine
by Alix Mayer,
July 2, 2024
Todd Callender We Knew We Acted

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Following Todd Callender’s interview of Alix Mayer on Digital Communism, Alix Mayer turns the tables and interviews Todd Callender who details the legal fraud committed by governments during lockdowns. He explains how anyone who was COVID-vaccinated could legally be considered State chattel property.

Todd is an executive board member of many multinational companies and CEO of CloutHUB, CloutHUB Meets, VaxxChoice, DR Advocate, and more.

Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion where Alix has Todd drill down on some hot topics!

Alix Mayer

About the Author, Alix Mayer

Alix Mayer is Chairman and co-founder of Free Now Foundation, since April 2023. In the 1990s, at the age of 29, Alix ran a worldwide research group at Apple until the Hepatitis B vaccine physically disabled her and gave her brain damage. She calls her decades-long disability her “Runner-up Darwin Award” for not researching vaccines prior to rolling up her sleeve. After gaining a substantial recovery, she worked as a health consultant for a decade, before retiring and volunteering 100% of her time to serve on the Board at Children’s Health Defense and co-found the California Chapter of CHD, where she served as Board Chairman.

Alix’s presentation on the creation of the fake “Supra-emergency” to suspend our Bill of Rights during lockdowns was recognized by Dr. Mercola as one of his “Best of 2022” interviews. She has also been interviewed by Steve Kirsch, Steve Bannon, Mike Adams of Natural News, and many others. She speaks regularly, including on Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America tour, Defeat the Mandates LA, COVIDCON, and at many rallies and protests.

Alix grew up in the Oscar Mayer family. She is a graduate of Duke University (BA) and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.


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